Just received my custom made pocket square pins delivered from Demarquez-Vous and I am extremely pleased! The customer service experience was first class. The pins are designer and a great elevation to my formal and casual wear. I look forward to wearing my custom pocket square pin to my next public event. Can’t wait to
Michael Smith
Last May, I delivered a keynote at the Liberian community celebration in the Hamilton Niagara region. I spoke about both challenges and opportunities of living in our new digitized world 2018.  I emphasized human will and conviction and hinted that innovation was the silver lining. After the standing ovation, audience members came to offer congratulations. But

Michael Smith Stands Out

Standing out is a recurring theme when it comes to Michael Smith’s personal style philosophy. He muses about how people often inquire as to why he’s so dressed up, but to him, his appearance is more about how he wants the world to see him.  Taking control of that perspective, and determining his own dignified