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For Demarquez-vous to immediately start working on your custom suit/Tuxedo, input your complete measurements in the form below:

Demarquez-vous customer suits/Tuxedos are Bespoke which means that we collect our clients’ measurements and design/sew your suits/Tuxedos to fit your specific body type. We collect all parts of your body measurements so that your new suit can fit well.

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NB: Kindly take your measurements in inches.

Disclaimer About Demarquez-vous Bespoke pieces


Demarquez-vous started designing accessories that are not on the domestic markets and, the once that were available did not meet the fashionable need of demarquez-vous owner. So, in 2016, Demarquez-vous accessories line was established crafting accessories from the drawing board into a finish product.

However, when it comes to suits and Tuxedos, we have years of experience. our suits and Tuxedo business is a family business that date back since 1968, supplying businesses on a wholesale level and consumers on a retail level. With this being said, Demarquez-vous assumes no responsibility for any changes to its client’s physical body type. So, please ensures that at the time of submitting this information(Measurement details) that your custom Tuxedo or suit will be made according to the measurements provided.

We always make sure to sew your suit to fit your measurement as best as possible. However, we also take responsibility for any mistakes that happen from our side. If the mistakes are due to error from the client, we do not take responsibility for this incident.

Demarquez-vous CEO and Partners

August 2019